About us

We leverage our robust platform of real estate and services companies to identify and capitalize on innovative and profitable investments globally.
Our Impact

Supporting Our Communities

Partnering to Create a World of Opportunity

Through Island Allies, we dedicate our time and resources to communities that are close to us and most in need. We create growth opportunities and build unity among under-resourced communities through mentoring programs and other opportunities.

Summer Outreach Program Advances Opportunity

Island Capital sponsors, Island Allies, a summer outreach program to youths in communities of color. It’s part of our response to the systemic racial injustice and inequality in our country. We are partnering with various local organizations to create and deliver one-on-one mentorship opportunities between our employees and under-resourced or at risk youths.

The outreach program involves opportunities for both to participate in a meaningful and personal manner. Mentor and mentee develop a diverse and genuine bond that will continue beyond the program. We believe it will be a powerful way to be part of a solution and help to ensure more equal opportunity and advancement for individuals where it does not currently exist.