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We leverage our robust platform of real estate and services companies to identify and capitalize on innovative and profitable investments globally.
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Island Capital Restructuring and Advisory Group

Creating Actionable Solutions for Distressed Companies

financial restructurings
Island Capital Group Advisor LLC works with companies facing financial and/or operational distress. As both operators and capital markets professionals, Island Capital and its subsidiaries, affiliates and predecessors supervised more than $250 billion of financial restructurings over three decades, involving well over 1,000 transactions.
Our team possesses extensive experience, ranging from balance sheet restructurings, bankruptcies, liquidity evaluation and management, to mergers & acquisitions, portfolio evaluation, and operational turnarounds and improvements.
Our Specialties

We Excel at Navigating Complexity and Customizing Solutions

CMBS loan modification and restructuring is a complicated process. We believe that having a trusted third-party advisor to guide borrowers through the numerous issues in a commercial real estate loan modification is important to retaining equity value.

Island Capital understands the roles and authority of the various parties involved and the sequencing in which the process is conducted. We also recognize the impact of a potential workout on various stakeholders. Understanding these factors is critical to achieving a successful outcome. Island Capital is both equipped and prepared to operate as a principal with our clients.

Importantly, we leverage our long-standing experience, real-time market data and our relationships with market participants to closely monitor activity across the CRE loan spectrum—including the CMBS industry. We can provide insights into trust dynamics, delinquency trends, default rates across asset classes, market resolutions, performance of comparable properties and relief programs.

We work with our clients to craft tailor-made solutions based on their specific needs, which include:


Analyzing the current operations at each property


Communicating critical issues in need of relief to the Servicers


Developing a business plan to stabilize the asset


Constructing proposals that capture the value proposition to bondholders