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Negotiating A Comprehensive Restructuring and Recapitalization


In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis a large publicly traded commercial real estate finance company and special servicer, became insolvent, with more than $2 billion of liabilities. Island Capital took the lead in negotiating a restructuring with multiple  stakeholders, including senior lenders, common and preferred shareholders, fund investors, and lessors.


Island Capital formed C-III Capital Partners LLC (“C-III”) to acquire the company’s commercial mortgage loan servicing and real estate debt fund management businesses. Island Capital recapitalized and stabilized the businesses under C-III Capital Partners with over $400 million from new equity and the assumption of existing debt. As part of the restructuring, Island Capital was named external manager of the company and retained a significant ownership stake.


Following the transaction, C-III Capital Partners became one of the leading CMBS special servicer in the U.S. with a portfolio of approximately $250 billion of commercial mortgage loans. Island Capital has since grown C-III Capital Partners into a leading investment management and diversified real estate services platform with a peak assets under management of over $9 billion.
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