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October 19, 2022

Andrew Farkas, Island Capital Group CEO Interview at ULI

Andrew Farkas of Island Capital discusses his commitment to Environmental Social Governance and helping the Caribbean address its migration challenges caused by economic hardship at the ULI (Urban Land Institute) Puerto Rico Symposium.

When asked how important ESG related elements are to investing, Farkas replied "We're very committed to ESG. One of the reasons we're so committed to ESG is A, it's just appropriate. We have enough stuff jeopardizing the world right now. I don't need to talk about them. Could happen in a second, keep your eyes up. But focusing on social issues and environmental issues, et cetera, if we don't do so, I think we're in for a tremendous amount of trouble. I don't know about you guys, but I have some kids and I'd like them to have a world to live in that is better than ours." The interview was conducted on 03/15/2022 in Miami, Florida.

To learn more about ULI please visit https://seflorida.uli.org/uli-southeast-florida-caribbean-upcoming-events/detail/62ED214E-88BC-474F-B95D-A57E0CDBDF40/. Learn more about Andrew Farkas and his role as CEO of Island Capital Group by visiting https://www.islandcapital.com/team-bio/andrew-farkas